My Story

Cherryl Lambooy has a Master’s Degree in International Business and has worked for 5 years as a Marketing Manager for large corporations. She left the corporate environment to pursue the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Digital Marketing.

My Values & Beliefs

Marketing needs to be inspiring

In my experience, marketing campaigns that fail to excite, delight or otherwise connect with their audience do not build trust with your brand, and wind up being not very effective. 

Research & strategy lead to focus

By researching your customer and their journey, you can start to match your marketing activities to the steps your customer takes when discovering your business or  product. 

A partner in growth

Marketing is about being a partner in growth. Some marketing you prefer to do in-house, sometimes you need training or advice and sometimes you don’t have the time or expertise and need to outsource. Working together we can find the balance that is right for your business. 

My Approach

Marketing is not a mystery. When marketing campaigns fail, they often lack either creativity and inspiration or they are scattered and unfocused. 

My approach is conduct a Marketing audit that reveals marketing opportunities specifically for your business. Then by defining your ideal customer and understanding their customer journey, we can focus your Marketing efforts. Defining your brand and identity will give your brand the visual feel and tone it needs to create genuine connections. 

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