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August 25th, 13:00 – 16:00

Download Our Brand Audit

Assess whether your brand is working for you with our 5 Steps to Building Your Brand Audit. 

Ingredients for Success

For Marketing to be successful, you need three things

A clear brand, a clear audience and a plan to build trust. 

Is this for you?

  • Do you need to develop an online strategy quickly for your business because of COVID-19 restrictions?

  • Has your customer base changed dramatically in the last few months and you need to develop new marketing materials to talk to your new audience?

  • Do you want to start investing in Digital Marketing, but you’re not sure where to start or which tools or apps your business should develop first?  

  • Do you feel like your Marketing is all over the place, and you need a clear focus to save you time and money?

Master Plan Workshop

Do you need a strategy now?

Bots are the new Apps


Learn how to build an authentic, relevant and powerful brand

Relevant brands today have heart and soul. They stand for something, values that the owners, founders, employees and customers value. It connects them in a joint promise of what the brand delivers and what they need to offer to be great. 



Learn how to build recognition through consistency - decide on your colors, fonts, and photography style.


Get to know your target audience

Brainstorm on your ideal audience that turn into profitable customers

Nothing is more frustrating than spending lots of time and money building relationships with an audience that will never really convert to your customers. You need to find the right audience.


Understand exactly what Marketing tools you need to build trust with your audience

There are more than 5,000 tools that promise to help you to market your business. Which tools should you focus on and invest it to build trust at each stage of the customer journey? 


How to build trust

Map your Customer Journey to understand what steps you need to take to build trust slowly with you customers over many interactions. 


Outsmart the competition, before they outsmart you!

Be smarter and come to our Seminar to learn about ChatBots can help your business


Messenger apps have become more popular thank social media apps. Messenger advertising is cheaper than Facebook ads

Let us help you to get more sales or leads for your business.


Miles ahead in opening rates. Messenger apps have an open rate of 70-80% within the first 60 minutes, compared to 5-10% open rates for email and a 0-1% organic reach with social media.

There is no self-serve tool for Messenger Marketing, 99% of Marketers cannot use Messenger Bots to their advantage.

Discover this untapped Marketing Opportunity for your business.


Ideal for small businesses who cannot support live chats. They also guide visitors through large data rich websites to find information quickly.

Get interactive, ask questions and find out whether Chatbots are right for your business.


Collect customer information in a fun and friendly way.

Build a database based on customer interactions.

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