It’s much easier to build your monthly, quarterly and yearly goals on a strong foundation of knowing what your brand stands for, who your customers are and what their customer journey is. According to Accenture, only by sharpening your who, what, where and when can a brand hope to cut through the noise of thousands of apps, competitors and choices that the consumer has.

Precision will be the answer to over saturation, according to Accenture.

How can you help your brand to communicate more precisely? It’s not just about creating great content, but you need content that speaks specifically to your audience in phase of the journey that they are in.

The key word is relevance. Relevant content creates natural and genuine connections, and invites the audience to respond.  

  • If you know the right audience to connect with
  • where that customer is in his customer journey

you can create content that speaks to them and invites them to want to learn more or take the next step.

About The Author:

Cherryl Lambooy is the Founder of Inspire | Focus, a Marketing Consultancy that helps businesses to build inspired brands and focused campaigns. She has spoken on Social Media for the Travel Industry at SMART 2019 in St. Maarten, and SMILE 2019.