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Are you unsure how to continue to communicate to your existing audience and what to say? Or do you need to quickly pivot your marketing messages to reflect  a change in the current situation, and may need help in how to organize this quickly and effectively? 

To market to your clients, you need to understand who your clients are or they have changed. Have their goals or values changed as a result of the present situation? Have their challenges or pain points changed?

Continuing with your existing marketing messages, without understanding your customer may result in a marketing message that appears tone deaf.

We are now offering a 60-minute free session to help you brainstorm your Ideal Client, and their current situation. This free workshop will make it much easier to create marketing messages that genuinely connect with your audience, help you to understand what they need to hear as well as how you can calm the situation and truly be of service to your client base. 

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You will be able to


  • Decide if you need to adapt your marketing or stick to your current core message
  • Create 3 marketing messages that resonate with your audience in a natural tone
  • Translate these 3 Marketing messages into 9 social media posts to keep your Marketing moving on Social Media

Workshop Description 

In this 60 minute mini-session, we will brainstorm about your customers and their goals, values, pain points and challenges. This will help you to gain valuable insights into understanding what your customers need to hear from you right now, how to communicate in a way that feels authentic and relevant to current circumstances. 

After this workshop, you will be able to create 3 marketing messages that resonate with your audience. You can then translate these messages into 9 social media posts so that you can keep posting content on social media that is relevant now.


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