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Are you putting a lot of time and effort into your social media, but not seeing the results that you would like? Are you struggling to translate your vision for your company or brand into social media posts that connect with your audience?

What if you could create on-brand social media posts that speak to your audience and build trust along each step of their customer journey?

In my experience, marketing campaigns that fail to excite, delight or otherwise connect with their audience do not build trust with your brand, and wind up being not very effective. I see many of my clients in ad hoc marketing with an inconsistent brand or strategy.

Cherryl Lambooy

Marketing Consultant , Inspire | Focus

I have a proven process to tweak your social media so that it starts to resonate with your audience, delivering the growth in reach and engagement that you can only be achieved with a structured branded approach. I’ve increased my clients reach and engagement within the first month, some clients by 55%

What we offer  



The Best Start

To get started in communicating with your audience in a way that feels authentic, we start our time together with a series of workshops to help you to define your brand, your ideal client and your marketing strategy. Our workshops help you to formulate an effective strategy to translate your social media into customers and advocates for your brand. 

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 Our workshops result in better, more relevant content that your audience connects to resulting in better engagement. 


Connecting with the right audience

We help you to define who your most profitable customers are, so that we can create social media posts that really speak to that audience; their goals, values and challenges. 


Building Trust Each Step of The Way

Our Customer Value Workshop looks at defining your Customer Journey in getting to know your brand. This helps us to create content to build trust each step of the way, which leads to better results for you and clients that don’t just look, but trust you enough to purchase.  


A consistent presence

We translate your brand into relevant brand profiles, and create consistent social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn that reflect your brand and speak to your audience. 


Optimizing your strategy

We create monthly reports analyzing whether your content is reaching the right audience, which content is most popular and how your content is performing. This helps us to optimize your page or profile growth and continuously tweak content to ensure effectiveness.

According to Accenture, only by sharpening your who, what, where and when can a brand hope to cut through the noise of thousands of apps, competitors and choices that the consumer has. Precision will be the answer to over saturation, according to Accenture. How can you help your brand to communicate more precisely? It’s not just about creating great content, but you need content that speaks specifically to your audience in phase of the journey that they are in.

The key word is relevance. Relevant content creates natural and genuine connections, and invites the audience to respond.


Our Social Media Management has lead to improved results for our clients.

About Inspire | Focus

Cherryl Lambooy is the Founder of Inspire | Focus, a Marketing Consultancy that helps businesses to build inspired brands and focused campaigns. She has spoken on Social Media for the Travel Industry at SMART 2019 in St. Maarten, and SMILE 2019. 

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