Should I outsource my social media?

Should I outsource my social media?

Social Media is one of the most effective marketing tools for most Marketers in 2022.

Social and mobile are profoundly influencing the decisions of the modern luxury traveler, and other markets. The other most effective channels are email marketing and your website. The three channels that you must have in place for 2023 are social media, email marketing and an effective website.


What are some of the benefits of outsourcing your social media marketing?


New Ideas 

A Marketing Consultant that works for several clients would have a good feel what is working right now in terms of marketing strategies, social media content and trends. Marketers also keep up to date on the latest trends and can help you to choose between fad or investment worthy marketing channel. Some great ideas to share on your social media:

  • Reviews: Reviews ranked more trustworthy than branded content. 95% of travelers said they were more likely to trust a review on a third-party site.
  • Testimonials
  • User Generated Content: Consumers are 2.4 x more likely to view user generated content to content created by brands. 80% of people say UGC has a high impact on their purchasing decisions. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, and 70% trust online consumer opinions. Just ask! Only 60% of consumers say they share UGC to get more likes, or to be featured by a major brand.


You might be great at producing your social media content, but it can often be more work than you think. Perhaps you can use your time to manage other aspects of your business that are not easy to outsource. Building capacity in your business by outsourcing certain areas of Marketing can be a great long-term strategy.

Outsourcing your social media production also allows your internal team to focus more of what type of content that should be created, creating a greater focus on the right content.

Growing Your Social Media Following

Are you actively growing your social media following? If you are investing time and effort into producing social media content, it might be worth to have some social media growth strategies in place, so that you are also actively growing your following.


Facebook shows engaging content to more people.

Brands need to engage customer’s attention in the early stages of the journey to create trust and personal connection. The Facebook and Instagram algorithm rewards content that lots of people engage with more organic exposure. It’s worth it not to just post images online, but how can you get your audience to interact?

  • Ask Questions.
  • Have a CTA:(call to action). End your posts with CTAs, such as Comment Below, Like if you Agree, or follow this link. Sometimes you need to ask your audience to interact with your content.
  • Comment back. Someone on your team should be responsible for commenting on other comments. Create engagement with replies, such as that’s great, thanks for your suggestions.
  • Link to your website, often. Websites that receive more traffic from social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, get what’s called a higher domain authority. This allows you site to rank higher on search engines.


Grow Your Social Media Following

We can help you to manage your social media accounts or offer social media and strategy consulting to your team. Ask about our social media packages. We can also perform a social, reviewing how well you content speaks to your audiences, how to improve your social media and how to grow your account.

    Grow your social media following by boosting posts or sharing your content to Facebook Groups with a similar audience to yours.

    • Inviting people from your network to like your page.
    • Sharing content to relevant Facebook groups
    • Sharing Content to popular pages in your industry, or pages that are popular with your customers.
    • Facebook ads
      • Ads for Events
      • Like Facebook Page special offer in ads
    • Facebook Lives for experiences, events